Welcome, teacher friends! I’m Brittany Hege and I am the brain behind Mix and Math! I’m sure you could have guessed that… Need a little more? Keep reading. Wanting to know where to begin on this website? START HERE.


The “Short and Sweet” Version.

I am a teacher, learner and lover of all things math through and through! I graduated undergrad with a degree in Elementary Education and then later went on to get a master’s degree in Elementary Mathematics Education. I’ve been a teacher and math interventionist/coach in 5th-7th grade, but my heart is for upper elementary students and teachers. I’m married to my very best friend who is an elementary school principal. Together we have a sweet little boy, who is sure to never get away with anything in school with two educators as parents ;) Mix and Math takes up a big piece of my heart because it gives me the opportunity to connect and inspire math teachers and students all around the world! I couldn’t ask for anything more!

Got time? Here’s the whole story! 

I grew up in Indiana, but made my way to North Carolina on a Division I volleyball scholarship. I ended up loving the south, and now call NC home! Side note: My midwestern upbringing and current southern lifestyle are in constant battle, so don’t be surprised if you hear “you guys” and “y’all” come out of my mouth in the same sentence! I honestly don’t remember when I decided to become an education major, but this decision changed the entire trajectory of my life! When I graduated from college, I had an amazing opportunity to join a team of passionate educators and open up a brand new public school modeled after the Ron Clark Academy and KIPP Academy. I was one of two teachers hired, and the other teacher hired ended up becoming my husband two years later. I’ll spare you our gushy love story, BUT my experience at this school is what made me the educator I am and stirred up the passions and dreams I have today! 

To make a really long story somewhat shorter, my husband pushed me to share some of the engaging resources I was making for my students online. This was the birth of Mix and Math. There was no logic behind the name, other than my very first project I made for my store involved baking and fractions (...get it? MIX and MATH!). After several conversations with fellow math teachers, a fantastic year with a group of students who overcame a lot of academic struggles, and a growing business, I just KNEW I needed to go back to school and get my masters to get closer to my dreams. I truly have a nerdy obsession with the intricacies of math, the way kids learn and interact with math, and the understanding that there is still a lot of work to do to change math education. I HAVE to be a part of that change! 

Over the years, I began finding my place in this whole math revolution thing (or at least I like to think there is a revolution brewing…). My experience as a teacher at a model school for innovative instruction paired with my math content knowledge shaped the vision behind Mix and Math— inspiring teachers to mix mathematical rigor with engaging instruction for an empowering learning experience for students. This is my why. My heart is just as much for teachers as it is for students.

Want a little more? Let’s get personal…

I’m wildly passionate which means I always have just a little bit too much on my plate, but I’m working on simplifying life, becoming more intentional, and living in the moment! I am overly competitive in Minute-to-Win-It challenges, drink more sweet tea than I care to admit, and in another life I would be an aspiring pop-star... singing, rapping, and dancing my way to superstardom! I dream big, love hard, and thank God every day for this life He has given me!