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Classifying 2D Figures and Creating a Hierarchy of Shapes

If you’re anything like I was when I first started teaching 5th grade math, then you probably aren’t too excited about those dreaded geometry standards. You know which ones I’m talking about… The standards that require students to classify two dimensional figures based on their properties and create a hierarchy of shapes. Let’s break down this standard so we understand the why behind this concept. I’ve got two activities for you to make these standards less painful, more meaningful, and a whole lot more fun for you and your students!

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Must-Have Math Manipulatives for Upper Elementary Classrooms

It’s no secret that students learn best when they have the ability to play with math. Manipulatives give students the opportunity to explore how numbers works and develop deep conceptual understanding of important math concepts. Let’s dive into my list of must-have math manipulatives for upper elementary classrooms by focusing on the major work for third, fourth, and fifth grade math.

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