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Why I Have a Love-Hate Relationship With Review Games in Math

I love competition… to the point that my husband is usually embarrassed when we have game nights with friends because I am so overly competitive. Of course, I love review games because the competition provides instant engagement and motivation (without sacrificing the purpose of the review game—learning). Unfortunately, not all review games are equal.

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Play Dough Fraction Project

One of my favorite things to do in the classroom is to actually make things with my students. I absolutely love throwing on my apron and getting my hands and the rest of the classroom dirty! Creating with kids makes for the best memories! It may take a little extra planning, organizing, and cleaning, but I have never regretted giving my students these types of experiences!

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Taking Math Beyond the Classroom with Real World Fraction Projects

Have you ever had a student ask... "When am I ever going to use this?"  Early in my teaching career this question would drive me crazy! This question now makes me realize I have not fully been doing my job as a math teacher... There should never be a time when a student does not understand the purpose or application behind what they are learning! 

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Engaging First Week of School Activities

Can you believe it is back to school time already? We just finished up an amazing first week of school and I could not have been more exhausted! After a weekend of rest, I am looking forward to the second week of school.  But first, I had to share with you a few of the activities I did with my students in their first week of the new school year!

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