Summer 2018 Book Study

Math teacher friends! I have something so very exciting to share with you! If you haven't already heard, Tammy from Tarheelstate Teacher and I are launching a private facebook group exclusively for upper elementary math teachers! If that's you, we would absolutely love for you to join us and be a part of what will be an amazing community of math teachers!

We know summer is a time to rest. Yes, lots of rest and relaxation. BUT it is also a wonderful time to learn! What better way to learn than to do a book study with your online math teacher friends?! We decided a book study would be a great way for us to learn together, get to know each other as teachers, and step into being the best math educators we can be.

In just a few short weeks we will launch our Upper Elementary Math Teachers facebook group and begin reading Becoming the Math Teacher You Wished You'd Had by Tracy Zager together! I read this book last summer and it is fantastic! This book will challenge your math thinking and help you bridge the gap between the math experiences you likely had as a child and the math experiences you give your students. This book will leave you inspired, encouraged, motivated, and ready to get back in the classroom (well, after your well-deserved summer break of course) and give your students the amazing math experiences they desperately need!

I know you will walk away from reading this book with practical teaching strategies to empower your next group of little mathematicians! This truly is a life-changing book for math teachers (because math is life, right?), no matter what stage of your career you are in or how you already feel about teaching math!

Are you ready to get in on the math fun?! Here's how you can learn with us! First, be sure you have requested to join the Upper Elementary Math Teachers facebook group. On May 18th, the OFFICIAL LAUNCH DAY, we will open up the group and throw a little virtual party to celebrate (can you tell we are so excited about this?!).

If you are ready to go all in with us on this book study, start by purchasing Becoming the Math Teacher You Wished You'd Had by Tracy Zager. If you are ready to dive into a summer full of math learning together, check out this timeline below to get an idea of what the next 8 weeks hold!

If you've got other summer PD plans or you just want to join in on the discussion in between all your summer plans, you can get a whole lot out of participating in that way too!

We want this to be a time of learning, fun, and community with other math teachers!

Tammy and I will be hosting live book chats inside our group to discuss the book with y'all and share our thoughts. We will have weekly challenges and a few giveaways! You definitely don't want to miss it! So, ARE YOU IN?!