Play Dough Fraction Project

One of my favorite things to do in the classroom is to actually make things with my students. I absolutely love throwing on my apron and getting my hands and the rest of the classroom dirty! Creating with kids makes for the best memories! It may take a little extra planning, organizing, and cleaning, but I have never regretted giving my students these types of experiences!

With all that being said, after doing this with my own kiddos, I just had to make this freebie for y'all! You absolutely don't have to actually make play dough in the classroom to put this project to good use, but if you want to give your students an experience in the classroom that will have them talking for days (or weeks or months...) then get your mixing bowls ready!

I decided to make a 4th grade and 5th grade version of this project so all my upper elementary math teacher friends could enjoy it! Click on the link below and grab a copy of this real world play dough fraction project!

FREEBIE! Grab this free real world fraction project for 4th and 5th grade students. The 4th grade project covers 4.NF.1, 4.NF.2, 4.NF.3, 4.NF.4, 4.NF.5, 4.NF.6 and 4.NF.7. The 5th grade project covers standards 5.NF.1, 5.NF.2, 5.NF.3, 5.NF.4, 5.NF.5, 5.NF.6 and 5.NF.7. There is a recipe to make your own play dough in class! #4thgrade #5thgrade #math #fractions

We have such a great opportunity as teachers to make moments for and with our students that they will never forget! I hope your students love this as much as mine did! If you do this project with your students, I'd love to hear how it goes! Shoot me an e-mail at or tag me on Instagram at @mixandmath! Nothing makes my teacher heart happier than seeing students love the math experiences you create for them!